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The more complex a product, the higher the professional standard of methods, processes and tools needs to be to ensure highest possible product quality. At XTRONIC, we know that this all the more applies when coordinating different team and project staff. With our methods and our experience in requirement management and requirements engineering, we ensure that all participants collaborate smoothly, and project targets can be reached effectively as well as, efficiently. We achieve this with trainings, detail analyses and the conceptual elaboration of development potential.


Requirements management is a holistic process. Where complex products meet methods and processes we are become active. We support customers from A to Z, leading their methods and processes in requirements management to success with best practice, academic know how and passion. All our services are customized, including trainings, detail and potential assessment.

Requirements engineering is more than copy. We draft requirements in such a way that every stakeholder is able to understand them clearly and without contradictions. We design requirements after individual guidelines and customer preference, as well as according to the current state of science, for which we developed specific metrics and models.


DOORS® is a high-performance application for requirements management, the standard in the automotive industry. With DOORS®, the management of requirements becomes easy, enabling an effective implementation of methods. The standard version provides a whole range of useful functions. However, it lacks a number of premium functions allowing for a really efficient application of the tool.

Over the years, XTRONIC has realized a number of valuable DOORS® add-ins that increase efficiency and process quality. All add-ins are gathered in the XTRONIC DXL suite. To meet the various demands of our customers, the XTRONIC DXL suite is divided into three add-in packages:

Admin Package
The Admin Package mainly aims at administrators and support of a DOORS® data base. It enables an improved overview over the entire data base and makes management more straightforward and efficient.

Content Package
The Content Package puts its focus on DOORS® users. It ensures user-friendly management and adaptation of content in specification modules and projects.

Support Package
The Support Package consists of a tool collection including some compact wizards and scripts. With these, users can manage executive tasks in a DOORS® data base faster and more efficiently than would be possible with standard DOORS® tools.

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