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Driving assistance systems make mobile life decidedly more pleasant. That is true from the simple act of activating your windscreen wipers when rain sets in and turning on passing lights when dusk begins up to automated parking assistance.


Semiautonomous driving will be standard equipment in many vehicle types soon – the dream of the driverless car seems within close reach.
But it is innovative high technology like driving assistance systems in combination with radar, LIDAR, ultra sound, new types of camera systems and artificial intelligence which create the technical foundation for the new kinds of travelling. At the same time these technological requirements turn autonomous driving into one of the largest challenges in the automotive industry.

We set trends and advance the mobility of the future. To ensure maximum reliability and security for ADA-systems (ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), our concepts and solutions are developed conforming with ISO 26262 safety standards.

We also support projects in the field of integration of driving assistance systems.


We proudly present our innovative drive-by-wire-system „SPACE DRIVE“ with steering, braking and accelerating functions, developed for the company PARAVAN. With the support of input sensors, for instance with a joystick, drivers with physical restrictions are able to steer the vehicle. The newly acquired mobility and freedom is a significant uplift of quality of life for many.

Together with our partners, we research and pre-develop solutions for autonomous driving. SPACE DRIVE can function as a basic system for this when adapted to production vehicles.

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