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Our experts develop, integrate and qualify infotainment systems of a new generation: We develop system solutions from idea to start of production, support projects in areas like project management, requirements management, development, system integration, qualification and tests, and supervision of series production. 

Our state-of-the-art development laboratories, measurement and monitoring devices, prototype workshops and display laboratories for measurement of optical properties provide an excellent infrastructure.


  • System solutions
  • Project management
  • Requirements management
  • Development
  • System integration
  • Validation
  • Supervision of series production


Our customers profit from more than 20 years of experience combined with know-how in test management, test processes and the resulting increase in efficiency.

In the area of research and pre-development we work on innovative usability concepts to meet future demands.


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Navigation
  • Telephony
  • Connectivity
  • Voice control
  • Diagnosis
  • Displays
  • Apps
  • MOST
  • CAN
  • FlexRay






In this project, we develop and qualify central displays, head-up displays and RSE displays, audio systems, as well as search- and functional lighting for our customer Daimler AG.


  • Securing the technical maturity level of components
  • Set up and test of specifications
  • Component tests according to specification
  • Conducting measuring according to official standards:
    • Display systems: optical tests, electric tests, CAN tests, vehicle tests, air condition tests, haptics, touch, perception-based tests, certification-relevant head-collision-impact test
    • Audio systems: impedance response, sound pressure, output level, frequency response, effectiveness of bass-/mid-/treble regulation, noise, harmonic distortion
    • Search- and functional lighting: spatially resolved luminance measurements, optical tests (color coordinates, homogeneity, luminance over viewing angle)
  • Creation of customer-specific measurement reports
  • Organization and execution of workshops
  • Ongoing and further development of measurement set ups according to customer and market requirements
  • Further development and update of test equipment and test software


Our aim and at the same time biggest challenge was to maintain a constantly high quality level for the various vehicle types from A-Class to S-Class, including a large variety of display sizes, audio components, switches and controls, and still meeting the high requests of our customers.

Moreover, with control and tests of initial- and prototype patterns we continually have to tweak and readjust the defect analysis. Regular software releases and hardware changes translate into constant modifications of measuring equipment for the requested quality standard.

We achieve all that by maintaining an expedient dialogue with our customers and their suppliers.


On the basis of our long-term experience in the area of testing, which has grown over the years by working with a range of other leading manufacturers like Porsche, Audi or JDI; and building on our well-versed and technically highly skilled employees, as well as relying on our excellent infrastructure, we successfully execute our projects. The interaction of all of these factors creates the basis for a sustainable cooperation and high customer satisfaction. 





For our customer VOLKSWAGEN AG, we have supported the infotainment development from B sample to series production, including the development of the modular infotainment system MIB HIGH + / MIB HIGH Gen1 to Gen2 with 4 respective model upgrading. The infotainment system will be installed in the models Golf, Golf GTI and Passat.


  • Set up from test planning up to series production; inter-divisional and in coordination with management
  • Supervision of test intensity of persons involved regarding the development process
  • Support for other divisions with hardware or software problems
  • Conduction of incoming tests at the test bench for release recommendations of software versions
  • Organization and execution of one- or several-day test drivings with test vehicles in Germany or abroad
  • Creation and verification of defect tickets
  • Modifications of test vehicles in line with the current state of development
  • Advancing the process of defect reduction in coordination with developers and suppliers
  • Drafting of project reports and evaluations for the management
  • Advising of the customer regarding the further strategy to achieve milestones


The challenges lie in identifying the information necessary to execute the project while mastering a flood of input and data. We are coordinating a large team with international players from Germany and all over the world. The challenge that presented itself was keeping in touch with all persons involved to receive all information necessary and coordinate the process of the project. Moreover, different cultural aspects and perspectives had to be taken into consideration.                        

We were part of the development of MIB HIGH infotainment systems from the first hour. With the growing complexity and increasing impact of vehicle controls onto the infotainment system, trouble shooting became more complex, posing new challenges to us with each project.


To make it easier for our customers to adapt to changing project requirements, we have provided processes and tools for defect management. Additionally, we prepared information from the data base, drafting a clear and user-friendly list of defects. This list served us and all parties involved as a basis for day-to-day operations. We also established processes for our customers, to enable a fast adaptation to changing project requirements. With flexibility and by reacting fast, we were able to meet all challenges in such a way that high customer satisfaction could be achieved. Our long-term experience enabled us to use the infotainment software and the defect statistics to evaluate the defect progress and to develop suitable solutions to successfully finalize the project.

As a result of the intensive work on our projects we were able to acquire extensive, component-independent know-how in the area of testing. The benefit: a clear overview over the interaction of control units to be able to better evaluate occurring defects. As a result, we are able to independently bring test vehicles up-to-date. 

Through the successful realization of projects and our expertise, we became a principal contact for the entire test division of our customer.

Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric


We have supported, and still support, our customer Mitsubishi Electric with respect to development, application support, integration, and qualification of the Daimler infotainment systems NTG 4 and 5.5.


  • Review of customer specifications and continuous comparison with all development parties across all system applications
  • Planning, execution, coordination and control of all test activities
  • Conduction of system and component tests, both in test vehicles and laboratory environment
  • Defect analysis, input and management of defects in the defect management system
  • Management of the defect reduction process between development departments of the customer and supplier
  • Conduction of workshops at the local sites and at the Japanese development site
  • Vehicle modifications and adaption of test vehicles to the level of development 
  • Development support in the area HMI software
  • Project reporting and evaluation for the management
  • Concept and realization of test automation
  • Planning and realization of trial and test drives with the customer both at the local site and in Europe


Our declared aim is to provide excellent advice and effective support for our customers in complex, international development projects with many parties involved at many locations.  

Especially our role as a link and interface between the OEM and the Japanese development site demanded maximum flexibility and reliability, as well as fast reaction in the face of continuously changing requirements. Other challenges were to reliably handle the continuously growing tasks and topics and to co-design processes with innovative ideas and solutions on short notice.



With our expertise in the area of development, integration and qualification of infotainment systems we were able to operate an experienced team, supporting the project right from the start effectively. 

We were involved in all areas of the development process from project start to delivery to the customer, interacting with many parties and in many different functions from tester to applicator.

We were able to take on jobs that were continuously growing and address requests for new topics by putting new, qualified personnel into action – and that often on very short notice. In this way we could react quickly and flexibly to new project challenges, ensuring the satisfaction of all involved.

We also advanced process design with ideas and innovations increasing efficiency. We look on more than 10 years of collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric in which we co-developed several premium infotainment systems. We are proud of being part of this story and experiencing the systems in series application, enjoying the recognition of customers around the world. 

More references regarding infotainment


  • Component responsibility high-end sound systems in performance cars
  • Series supervision Two Box NTG5


  • Dimming and night design central display for A4 and A6


  • Resident central display for Daimler


  • Development of video entertainment system Pullman and Maybach (Tier 1)
  • Defect management infotainment systems C-, E- and S-class
  • Project responsibility head up displays NTG 5 and later models
  • Project responsibility central displays single and split view NTG 5 and later models 
  • Quality management infotainment systems for C-Class, E-Class and S-Class
  • System test navigation system for infotainment systems truck/Actros
  • Test automation infotainment systems C-Class, E-Class and S-Class


  • SW development HMI Widgets 

Harman Becker

  • HMI software development
  • System qualification infotainment projects Audi
  • System qualification infotainment projects BMW
  • System qualification infotainment projects Daimler
  • System qualification infotainment projects Porsche


  • System test DVB-T2-Tuner, TV Tuner Mercedes, Audi


  • Project management system integration, development and rollout CarNet


  • Technical project management display panels


  • Series supervision tuner

Mitsubishi Electric

  • Development coordination HMI development for Mercedes C, E, S and G class 
  • Function owner tuner
  • Resident head unit and display Mercedes C, E, S and G class
  • System test infotainment systems for Mercedes C, E, S and G class
  • Test automation infotainment systems Mercedes C, E, S- and G class 



  • System test infotainment systems 


  • System test and resident infotainment systems VW Golf



  • Development rear seat entertainment system for all series
  • Project management and development center information display  


  • SW & HW development of displays for Rindspeed – Bamboo
  • SW & HW development infotainment including control app for Quant


  • Project responsibility development sound systems Smart 453


  • Test automation diagnostic test infotainment system VW Golf


  • Test management and system test infotainment systems MIB high 1 & 2
  • Test management display control unit MIB
  • System test mobile online services infotainment
  • Project management and system test MIB2+ High Plug-In-Hybrid version
  • HW qualification infotainment systems for development scopes China
  • Requirements management MIB and MOD


XS Embedded

  • Qualification mapviewer navigation BMW, Audi


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